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An Overview Of The Stories Of The Kruger Articles

Kruger Park sightings are the topic on everyone’s mind when they think of the Park. Over the years Aimee and I have seen all sorts of wildlife. We have been privileged to experience what we have. You will see a variety of articles on this page that cover the Kruger National Park adventures we have been on. There will be articles about animals, trips, special sightings, camps, lookouts and more!

Story Evolution

Stories in the bush have been told over thousands of years. They first started with rock paintings and other forms of persevering stories and pictures of animals. It then went onto local tribe stories that had been passed on from generation to generation from the paintings.

Story Evolution Khoisan Rock Art

Story Evolution

Then when the various explorers came they would document their stories by writing them down, and sketching what they saw. These then turned into paintings.

As technology advanced, photography and videography came into play… And now? Well you are reading this on the web! How things have changed!

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