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Stories Of The Kruger: “What more can be said about the Kruger National Park? If you have been to the Kruger you will know what I am talking about, if you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the most amazing places on Earth!”

Who Are We?

Gareth Roocroft and Aimee-Claire Roocroft

Aimee & Gareth

Before we talk more about the Kruger National Park, I would just like to introduce ourselves. My name is Gareth Roocroft and my partner in crime, or should I say wife, is Aimee-Claire Roocroft. We have been together since 2008 and married since 2017. I have been visiting the Kruger National Park since 1996. Aimee went for the first time in 2009, and well that was that; she fell in love with the Kruger. We will both be contributing to the Stories Of The Kruger website in terms of stories and articles, photo’s and videos and updates and reports. We recently partnered up with my best friend Adrian Pearce. He does all the social media and image editing. He will also be compiling reports and stories for this website.

Kruger National Park Wildlife

Back to the Kruger National Park, my favourite place in the World. For us, it is not about driving the speed limit of 50km/h looking for big cats or the Big Five. We take advantage of every second we are in the Park, which means we stop for absolutely everything, even Impala! A lot of people miss the beauty of nature, whether it is an animal track, a beautiful bird or trees and insects; these kind of things, we feel, are not appreciated as they should be. You will see some amazing photographs and videos of, yes the Big Five and other big Game, but also the interesting parts of the park and the strange things that people often miss.

  • There are around 150 species of Mammals in the Kruger National Park, including everything from the Striped Mouse to the African Elephant.
  • There have been more than 500 bird species recorded in the Kruger, but there are probably quite a few more than that.
  • There are 400 Tree species in the Kruger National Park.
  • There are around 120 species of reptiles found in the Kruger that include some beautiful, yet deadly snakes.
  • There are 50 species of fish that frequents the rivers and dams, including a Zambezi Shark caught in 1950 in the confluence of the Luvuvhu and Limpopo rivers.
  • There are more than 30 species of amphibians found in the Park.

We have searched for other statistics such as insects and arachnids, but we can’t find any accurate numbers… So you will just have to read some of our articles about insects we have seen!

Our Inspiration

Tony Roocroft - The Kruger

My Father – Tony Roocroft

My Father played a very influential part in awakening my love for the Kruger Park, by instilling in me a huge appreciation for Nature, and the magnificence of everything the Park has to offer. In addition to the very many times he visited Kruger, he also spent a period of 30 days GPS Mapping every Road, and then wrote a Book called “Far More than the Big 5“, which was based on his personal experiences in the Kruger Park, and beautifully illustrated with Photographs both he and myself have taken over the years.

I also helped him with his Website, is enthusiasm and incredible knowledge also inspired Aimee, and together, the both of us started to see things in a different light.

The inspiration for this Project came from my fathers book and his Website, so Aimee and I thoroughly hope that you enjoy the articles, photos and videos on here much as we loved writing and taking photographs for this website! We are always on hand to answer emails, so please drop us a mail if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Enjoy The Park!
Gareth & Aimee – Adrian Too!
Stories Of The Kruger

Phalaborwa To Punda Maria

Phalaborwa To Punda Maria The Exciting Journey Into The Northern Kruger National Park It was just before 11pm, and Aimee and I were packing the car for our journey to the Kruger National Park, with our destination being Punda Maria. We were so excited, as...

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My First Kruger Trip

From stress to bliss – My first Kruger trip Every story has a beginning and an end…The best ones are over before you blink and you wish they would never have ended. In a sense this was your typical fairy-tale. It began with the doom and gloom and ended...

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Birding On The S25

Birding On The S25It was our final day in the Kruger National Park, and we decided to go birding on the S25. Game viewing would be included, of course, but our main aim was to drive this beautiful dirt road very slowly and see what bird species we could...

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Satara To Malelane

Satara To Malelane, Via Nkumbe We started our drive from Satara to Malelane in quite hot weather. The birds were quiet and the animals were hiding. Due to it being Adrian’s first time in the Kruger National Park, we felt we had to show him the Nkumbe...

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Maroela To Satara

Maroela To Satara, Kruger Park Drives Driving Through The Kruger – Maroela To Satara The drive we took from Maroela to Satara was really great. We had spent the night camping at Maroela, and were awake early. We started packing up while a Spotted Hyaena...

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